Waste Management

Recycling & Waste Collection

Recycling & Waste Collection

WSU Waste Management provides weekly recycling and waste collection services for the WSU Pullman campus and various apartment complexes. On campus, we collects co-mingled recycling, mixed paper, and compost materials from designated bins. Custodial Services is responsible for public area trash collection in certain buildings. Individual faculty, staff, and students are responsible for emptying all trash, recyclables, and compost from offices or dorm rooms into designated containers. Most buildings have designated cardboard recycling either in the form of a large dumpster (typically by the building's loading dock) or labeled boxes.

*Cardboard belongs in either designated Cardboard bins or Co-mingled Recycling bins NOT Mixed Paper bins.

If you have any questions or concerns or comments about our recycling program, please contact (509) 335-4530 or via email at recycle@wsu.edu


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