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Biological Waste Disposal Program
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Washington State University utilizes four separate management options for the management of Biological Waste. Each research project or medical procedure must be evaluated to determine safe disposal methods. Research investigators also must consult the WSU Lab Safety Policies and Procedures Manual and the WSU Bio Safety Officer found here.

  1. Use of onsite Autoclaves on certain contaminated materials. After being autoclaved the materials may then be disposed of as normal waste.
  2. Shipment of Bio-Waste through a licensed shipper of medical and pathological waste. The current provider of this service is Stericycle. Materials are collected in boxes provided by Stericycle depending on the type of material.
  3. Shipment of waste through WSU's contracted hazardous waste shipper. This only applies to a few university departments and is coordinated on a case by case basis.
  4. Incineration at the WSU Incinerator. Because of the cost and emissions generated by operating the facility, this is used for a few small waste streams that are difficult to ship through outside providers.

Click Here to view the Medical, Infectious, and Low-level Radioactive Waste Management Plan for the Incinerator

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